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EZoffice Smart Office Solutions oversees security, connectivity, ambience, room settings and scheduling, and creation of leisure space vital for modern workplace; in other words, smart office helps to create a conducive work environment for happy occupants.


Elevate your business to an intelligent enterprise with cost-effective, energy-efficient technology that simply works. SmartEZ employs scalable, reliable technologies for flexible and smart office solutions that are designed to increase workflow and improve productivity throughout your enterprise. From wireless presentation systems and distributed audio and video to automated lighting and climate control, EZoffice provides a solution for every type of room within a building or across an enterprise.

Dynamic systems and intuitive controls give you the ability to centrally monitor and manage your technologies on one intelligent, reliable platform. Transform your environment and empower your people to work smarter and more efficiently with EZoffice Smart Office solution.


Facilitate productivity with leading-edge technology across your enterprise – even in small rooms intended for Ad-hoc meetings and huddle spaces. EZoffice offers cost effective and energy efficient solutions designed to make most of your office’s collaboration areas.

The scheduling software enable office occupant to search for an nearby available space, book that space and invite attendees – all from their smart phones or laptops. Intelligent proximity detection technology turns on the lights, air conditioning and power up the audio video system before you even enter the space and turns them off once everyone left for maximum energy efficiency.

Unparalleled collaboration capabilities enable attendees to quickly and easily share contents from any of the attendees’ laptop with only a single cable or a simple wireless link to the room’s presentation device. Ensure that all attendees can effortlessly see and hear the presentation from any seat in the room with secure, zero-latency uncompressed 4K/60 streaming video and high-quality audio played through high-definition speakers. Source and display control is as simple as tapping a button on the room’s touch screen.

Accommodate all devices with cable management systems that enable everyone in the room to plug in or power their laptops without the mess and tangle of untidy wires. SmartEZ is always innovating solutions that maximize your enterprise so you can get down to business with technology that just works.


SmartEZ simplifies design, installation and startup of commercial lighting control with the right system design to work for individual needs of each space in a building and easily integrate together for enterprise-wide monitoring, management and control. Dramatically reduces the process time to complete each phase of lighting control project while greatly improved efficiency and scalability.


Smart office come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and preferences. The beauty of SmartEZ’s EZoffice solution is there’s virtually nothing you can imagine that can’t be made a reality in yours.

We helps you setup your office space with the perfect office automation system designed specifically for your needs and budget. Contact us directly if you have any questions about setting up your home. We are here to help!

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